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Steel target plates

I Enjoy the Outdoors

Precision Rifle Series

I grew up part of my week when i was a kid on a working ranch.  My father and i built fences, fixed fences, worked the cattle, etc.  We really enjoyed the weekends we spent working outside together.  Over the years we have enjoyed hunting and fishing together, but recently i have really gotten into the PRS type shooting.  There is just something special about hearing the impact of a bullet on a piece of steel at 800 - 1200 yards.

Canon camera and lense


Hobby / Little Spending Money...

I have been in the semi-pro role with photography for 20+ years.  Yes, I still remember the old film days and have a body or two from that era.  I was early into the digital world with a Canon EOS D30, then an EOS D60, moved up to a EOS 7D, then jumped into the EOS 5D II, EOS 5D III, EOS 5D IV.  I jumped on the Canon Mirrorless wagon soon after the release odf the EOS R.

HTML code on a laptop

Web Design

And of coarse there is always design...

One of the things I do for fun as well as to make money.  I do as little as possible code/design work for my day job, as there are teams of folks much better at it than i am in the company.  But, in the evenings and on the weekends if I am not at the ranch, you might find me online looking for ways to make websites better!

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